Microwave Oven Repair

 Best Whirlpool microwave oven service center

Microwave oven has changed the way people cook food. Most of the household are using microwave oven along with commercial gas. People are using oven as a alternative you can find at least one oven in home or offices. Microwave appliances are more complex than any gas or fuel systems you can’t fix it. You should contact with whirlpool microwave oven service center for it.

Typical Microwave issues

1.Microwave does not heat

There are many causes behind microwave is not heating – like faulty diodes, capacitor burn, transformer failure, and defective door switch and most importantly a burned magnetron. Microwave not heating is the common problem and most popular reason behind it is magnetron failure. If your oven is on and empty then magnetron burn out will be sure.

2.Microwave runs and then stops

Due to the faulty door switch, failed transformer, defective touchpad and faulty fan motor microwave runs and then stops. This is found out only, when entire inspection done by our technician.

3.Microwave buttons not working

Not working of touch pad and buttons shows the damage of control panel. After the usage of many years control panel damage shows . Also ,faulty motherboard stops the working of buttons of microwave.

Types of whirlpool microwave oven service center

1.Wiring issue fixing
This is most frequent issues faced by microwave users. Microwave oven is the quick server in comparison to commercial gas. But if your microwave stop working then, what you do? Wiring issues not fix by own ,and you don’t have to do anything . We are just away from one phone call to fix your problems.

2.Sparking switch fixing
Sparking switch of the microwave is only because of malfunctioning of switch. Also, additional use of water during cleaning of microwave causes sparking. So please don’t apply too much water during cleaning and ,make sure to read guidelines. Our technician fix sparking of switch and other issues.

3.Broken glass and microwave panel fixing
Constantly heating at same temperature causes the glass broking of microwave panel. Also , putting heavy things upon the microwave. So make sure to avoid these things and try proper temperature according to foods or liquids. whirlpool microwave oven service center expert fix and maintain your home appliances in your home at affordable cost. We are providing best relating whirlpool microwave oven service center in jaipur. You don’t have to go here and there we provide all solution.